Is your child ready for Pre-School?

The early years of life are the most important for the foundations of learning. Current literature reinforces this in terms of the development of children’s positive self-esteem and confidence in feeling good about themselves.

At Rangeview Pre-School our experienced teaching staff develop a curriculum from close observations of the children’s skills and interests combined with their knowledge of child development. Our educators closely observe how the children engage with each other, with teachers and with the learning environment.

  • Can your child co-operate, share and take turns?
  • Can your child participate in group activities?
  • Can your child control their emotions and separate easily from parents/caregivers?
  • Can your child express their needs and feelings to others?
  • Can your child look after their belongings?

When considering whether your child is ready for their “pre-school” year, these are some areas of development to reflect upon.

At Rangeview Pre-School, your child’s teacher will assess a child’s readiness for pre-school during Term 1 & 2 in BOTH our 3 & 4 YEAR OLD PROGRAMS.

Deciding to wait an extra year may mean the difference between your child being “okay” at pre-school/school and thriving” at pre-school/school.

Not all children are ready for their preschool experience even if they are eligible to attend. Very often, these children will benefit from the ‘extra’ year in which to mature, become more confident and competent.