2022 Timetable

Rangeview Pre-School runs sessional 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Programs.

3 Year Old Program

We have two 3 Year Old groups: Jacaranda and Willow. Each group consists of 22 children.

8.45am - 12.45pm8.45am - 12.45pm8.45am - 12.45pm8.45am - 12.45pm
Please note the 3 year old groups will run from 8:30am to 1:30pm in 2023.

3 Year Old Program – Gumnuts

This room is also home to Gumnuts which is a separate activity group for 3 year olds who are not yet in a formal Pre-School program or who are ready for extra hours at pre-school. The group consists of up to 18 children. An afternoon Gumnuts session may be added according to demand.

9.15am - 11.45pm

4 Year Old Program

There are two 4 Year Old groups, Banksia and Waratah. Each group consists of 27 children.

9.15am - 3.00pm9.15am - 3.00pm9.15am - 3.00pmHome Kinder: 8.45am-12.45pm Bush Kinder: 9.15am-12.45pm9.15am - 3.00pm

* On Thursdays the Banksia and Waratah groups will both be held in the morning, but the groups will alternate between being at home kinder and Bush Kinder (at Yarran Dheran Reserve). When Waratah is at home kinder, Banksia will be at Bush Kinder and the following week this will be reversed with Waratah at Bush Kinder and Banksia at home kinder.

Please note that this timetable is correct for 2022, however it may be changed in future years.