Rangeview Pre-School Program Fees 2021

3 Year Old Program – 6 hours

3 Year Old ProgramFeesOther ChargesTotal
Kinder Deposit$100.00-$100.00
Term 1$345.00 (deposit reduces fee)$100.00 Maintenance levy*$445.00
Term 2$445.00$40.00 incursions$485.00
Term 3$445.00$40.00 incursions$485.00
Term 4$445.00$40.00 incursions$485.00

4 Year Old Program – 15.5 hours

4 Year Old ProgramFeesOther ChargesTotal
Kinder Deposit$100.00-$100.00
Term 1$355.00 (deposit reduces fee)$100.00 Maintenance levy*$455.00
Term 2$455.00-$455.00
Term 3$455.00-$455.00
Term 4$455.00-$455.00

A Maintenance Levy ($100) is also payable with the first term fees. The Maintenance Levy is refundable at the end of the year by attending two working bees during the year, or carrying out tasks at home. The cost of incursions may also be included on your fees invoice.

Three-year-old pre-school is a not a government-funded program and is therefore funded entirely by fees.

Four-year-old pre-school is a government-subsidised program. The Department of Education & Training (DET) provides annual funding as a contribution toward the cost of providing a four-year-old kindergarten program. Subsidies are available to eligible families to attend the four-year-old kindergarten program at no cost, or a minimal cost.

Download our 2021 Fees Policy and Agreement.