At Rangeview Pre-School our committee is run by parents and families who dedicate their time and skill sets to develop the pre-school’s facilities and functions in the best way for our current and future generations.

There is a strong sense of community amongst the pre-school with many events, experiences and friendships created and cherished.

Being a part of the committee is a great way to meet new families within our community and make a difference to the pre-school. There are a great variety of roles available on the committee so there is something for everyone to take part in.

The parents elect a committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held around October each year.

A huge thank you to our wonderful 2020 Committee of Management:

Role Name
President Hannah Trevaskis –
Vice President & OH&S Joel Fraser –
Treasurer Melissa Ford –
Secretary Yvette Agar –
Policy & Quality Assurance Officer Louise Armstrong
Enrolment Officer (3yo) Natalie Anderson –
Enrolment Officer (4yo) Claire Doherty –
Enrolment Officer (Gumnuts) Selina Sun –
Sponsorship Coordinator Hannah Parsons –
Events Coordinators Kristy Sazegar & Emily Bent –
Fundraising Coordinators Kristy Sazegar & Emily Bent –
Grants Coordinators Craig Bannister
Communications Coordinator Belinda Howe –
Marketing Coordinator Amy Parry –
IT Support Officer Cheng-Ming Lin
Grievance & Recruitment Subcommittee Louise Armstrong
Project Sustainability & Maintenance Natalie Stone & Sandy Bourke
Group Representatives Danielle Waterson (Banksia) & Claire Kerr (Waratah) & Sarah Bannister (Jacaranda) & Catherine David (Willow)
General Committee Member Esther Wallis & Genevieve Hammerton & Renee Lawson & Rebecca Cusick & Cheryl Jackson & Audra Munro