What to Wear to Pre-School

Clothing should be comfortable and suitable for active play and should not hinder your child/ren’s need to practice their gross motor skills. Some dresses can make it difficult to climb as they get caught underfoot.

Clothing should be suitable for messy experiences. We do provide smocks for painting, water play and so on, however clothes still manage to get dirty. Please consider the weather and dress your child appropriately.

Our uniforms, whilst not compulsory, are perfect for wearing to kinder and are popular with families. You can order uniform items at the AGM and buy secondhand items at the AGM or in the foyer during the year.

  • Hat: Children require a sun-safe hat; wide brimmed or Legionnaires hats give your child good cover. Baseball caps and visors offer little protection to the cheeks, ears and neck, and are not recommended. Please refer to our Sun Smart Policy available on the Pre-School website.
  • Children who have pierced ears should wear sleepers or studs for their own safety.
  • Wet weather clothing: During the cooler months we still endeavour to go outside. Your child/ren will need to bring along a coat or jacket for use outside. A hat is good for keeping young heads and ears warm.
  • Warm weather clothing: In warm weather children are required to have their shoulders covered. Singlet tops, sleeveless or shoestring tops/dresses are inappropriate for pre-school sessions as they do not provide adequate protection in the sun.
  • Footwear: Footwear should be sturdy, comfortable and protect your child/ren’s feet. Closed toe shoes such as runners, boots etc. are recommended. Sandals are good for summer (non-slip flexible soles) but we ask that thongs and clogs are not worn (these are unsafe for running and climbing). Gumboots can be included in your child/ren’s bag for messy outdoor play.