Pre-School is a wonderful and special time for your child as they learn the skills that support them for the future. It is a time when your child will gain a sense of self, explore, imagine, inquire, problem solve, make connections with others and build confidence through play experiences and environments.

Our Pre-School values the learning and development of our young children and we believe that children learn best through play – in a safe, secure environment that nurtures and values each child.

Our Teachers and Educators intentionally create play-based learning opportunities around the children’s interests and strengths. These experiences support children to develop skills and understanding in the context of problem solving through play, talking and interacting. Your child’s time will be filled with discovery and fun as they learn and develop.

We have a very dedicated team of Staff and Committee at our Pre-School and we will work together with you to support your child’s Pre-School experience. Communication between Pre-School and home is so important to each child’s success, so we encourage you to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s experience at Rangeview Pre-School.

The home environment you provide for your child and ongoing communication with us will ensure that your child continues to grow into his or her own special person.

We recognise and value the input and contributions of our families and our special community and the importance of your child’s early education.

We look forward to you coming to play with us.

Kim Costigan
Director & 3YO Teacher