At Rangeview Pre-School there is a true sense of community amongst the families and we enjoy coming together for social events and activities. Our social and fundraising committee is committed to regularly providing activities to encourage families and our lovely community to come together.

Our events are a great way to meet other young families and the children, as well as the parents, make lovely connections and lasting friendships along the way.

At Rangeview Pre-School our committee is run by parents and families who dedicate their time and skill sets to develop the pre-school’s facilities and functions in the best way for our future generations.

As Rangeview Pre-School is a not-for-profit community run pre-school, we rely on community support and the support of our families through fundraising in order to raise money to improve our facilities and offerings to provide our young children with the best possible start to their schooling education.

Throughout the year Rangeview Pre-School provides families with many fantastic fundraising initiatives to take part in, with the proceeds going straight back into the kindergarten. There is a pie drive, picture plates, book club, Cadbury chocolate drive, Entertainment books, Bunnings sausage sizzle, Mothers/Fathers Day gifts and raffles.

Along with these great initiatives, our social events are something that all families look forward to throughout the year. We have our Welcome Picnic, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Family Fun Day and our Major Fundraiser Dinner. These fabulous events are a great way to come together and have some fun!

Family Fun Day

Major Fundraiser Dinner