At Rangeview Pre-School we work to create an environment that fosters growth, friendships and confidence in children to prepare them for primary school. We work together with you, and the school you have been accepted into, to make the transition from pre-school to primary school as smooth as possible.

We look at the social connections your child/ren has made with other children going to the same primary school and recommend keeping these close connections together as much as possible. This provides a great support network between the children as they transition to the next phase of their education.

The transition from kinder to school can feel like a huge leap, both for children and their parents. To prepare for the transition into primary school we have ongoing educational and collaborative partnerships with the local schools.

In Term 4 transitions begin with the children and parents with regular excursions to their primary school. These visits are aimed to familiarise both children and parents with the school and the structure, environment and various learning areas of the school.

The transition program includes activities such as visiting the library, playing musical instruments, listening to a story and making a paper hats personalised with their name with the help of primary school children.

Our local primary schools, Foundation teachers and sometimes Principals also come to visit the children at kinder and we get a chance to catch up and chat to the Foundation teachers when we hand over our transition statements.

We do try our best to accommodate parent requests in regards to social connections, but the final decision is made by the schools.

In addition to these transition activities, the Victorian State Government has some great tips to start preparing your child for the transition from kinder to school, including keeping your child’s immunisations and health up to date, talking to your child, friends, families, and early learning educators about the transition and encouraging your child to do some things for themselves, like dressing, going to the toilet, washing their hands, unwrapping their food and opening and closing their drink bottle.