As a parent, when selecting the right Pre-School for your child, it is important to find a safe and happy environment in which your child will be extended.

From an early age children learn to work together and to use all their senses. Collaborative learning builds teamwork, self confidence and communication skills.

At Rangeview Pre-School we have been providing a happy environment for our children for over 50 years.

At Rangeview Pre-School we offer play-based educational programs. The Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging Being and Becoming and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework have a strong emphasis on play-based learning.

These programs are built upon a basis of sensitivity to childhood development. Through play, children are engaged in learning environments which allow them to develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally.

The program incorporates numerous learning activities including cooking, art, dance, drama, movement, maths, science, social studies, music, language, pre-reading and writing and is based around the following principles:

  • Stimulating developmentally appropriate activities
  • Perceptual motor program
  • Variety of excursions and incursions to the pre-school
  • Providing a wide range of equipment
  • Caring and enthusiastic staff
  • Interaction and transition programs with local primary schools
  • Numerous family social occasions