“We feel so lucky to be part of the Rangeview Pre-School community. We’ve really appreciated the team of amazing educators – they are professional, nurturing and excellent communicators. The facilities, including the updated backyard, are fantastic – our children have learned so much through play and carefully scaffolded activities. Rangeview Pre-School is community minded and we’ve enjoyed participating in social events. As a result, we have made strong and lasting connections to many other families – an added bonus along with a great education!”

Cass & Jared



“Rangeview Pre School has provided our daughter with fantastic growth and development. A testament to this is the fact that our daughter told us recently that she wants childcare to be more challenging, like Rangeview, so she can continue to learn more.

She not only loves the staff that provide a sensational learning environment, she has made some great friends that we hope will progress with her through the remainder of her pre-school years, through to primary education.

Rangeview has a great community feel, and we are looking forward to our youngest daughter joining the Gumnuts program to start her Rangeview adventure.”

Joel & Eloise



“We have loved being part of the Rangeview Pre-School community. Watching our children go through this kinder has been a joy; we have relished seeing them grow as they are nurtured and extended under the skilful care of the teachers.

We were new to Mitcham when our eldest started at the Pre-School and through being part of this kinder we now have the ‘village’ that helps us juggle work and family.

Rangeview Pre-School has been very different to our childcare experience; here the whole family is welcomed into a community and encouraged to be involved in the children’s education. There are lots of social events to help you get to know people. Here the teachers have the time and skill to plan rich experiences that pick up on the children’s interests and teach them through play. Here bush kinder teaches them an amazing amount about the natural environment. We have loved it!”

Anna & Dave



“Our first child completed the three and four year old program at Rangeview Pre-School. Our second is currently enjoying the Gumnuts Program. Rangeview is an exceptional Pre-School with a team of highly skilled, warm and dedicated staff. The Pre-School has and continues to provide our children with fantastic social and emotional learning and development opportunities through play based learning. It is a very caring, supportive and positive community for all young families. We feel very blessed to be a part of the Rangeview Pre-School community and would highly recommend this Pre-School to future families.”

Brooke & Tim



“We have loved Rangeview Pre-School for both our girls. It’s so important to have complete trust in the caregivers looking after our little ones, and we are extremely happy with the teachers at Rangeview. The learning experiences are perfect for preparing the children for their schooling and we’ve also received excellent guidance from the staff.”

Tegan & Dave



“Rangeview Preschool offers an experience where it truly is a community that helps raise your child. We have outstanding educators supported by an engaged and active parent community who help to make wonderful learning spaces and experiences during this important developmental stage in children’s lives.”

Daniel & Jen