Enrolling your child in a quality three and four-year-old kindergarten program is a proven way to enhance their early development. Pre-School works alongside home-based learning, equipping children with the skills and confidence they need in preparation for school.

At Rangeview Pre-School we understand that all children are unique and our pre-school programs are designed to give each child the best start to their educational journey.

Rangeview Pre-School has two 4 Year Old classes: Banksia & Waratah. Each class is structured around 27 children and the programs run for 15 hours per week, split over 3 sessions.

Our 4 Year Old Program reflects the Government’s National Early Years Learning Framework.

Our high quality 4 Year Old programs are tailored around play-based activities designed to enhance learning and develop your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills.

In our 4-year-old program, your child’s growing independence will be fostered with developmentally appropriate activities and experiences, and their confidence and self-esteem will be encouraged through experimentation, trial and error, watching, listening and participating in a supportive and safe environment.

Along with talented and qualified educators, Rangeview Pre-School has wonderful facilities and engaging indoor and outdoor learning environments to support your child’s learning and allow them to explore.

The 4 Year Old program incorporates numerous learning activities including cooking, art, dance, drama, movement, maths, science, social studies, music, language, pre-reading and writing and is based around the following principles:

  • Stimulating developmentally appropriate activities
  • Perceptual motor program
  • Variety of excursions and incursions to the Pre-School
  • Providing a wide range of equipment
  • Caring and enthusiastic staff
  • Interaction and transition programs with local primary schools
  • Numerous family social occasions

All families with a child enrolled in a funded kindergarten program are eligible for Free Kindergarten, this includes both 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs.

TERM 1 & TERM 49.15am - 3.00pm9.15am - 3.00pm9.15am - 3.00pmHome Kinder: 8.45am-12.45pm Bush Kinder: 9.15am-12.45pm9.15am - 3.00pm
TERM 2 & TERM 39.15am - 3.00pm9.15am - 3.00pm9.15am - 3.00pmIntergenerational Program: 9.15am-1.00pm Bush Kinder: 9.15am-1.00pm9.15am - 3.00pm

We have two 4 Year Old groups, Banksia and Waratah. Each group consists of 27 children.

* Terms 1 & 4: on Thursdays, each group has a session at Bush Kinder one week and a session at Rupert Street the following week.
Terms 2 & 3: on Thursdays, each group has a session at Regis Aged Care (Intergenerational Program) and a session at Rupert Street the following week.