Bush Kinder is a series of nature based kindergarten sessions for the 4 year olds.
Teacher Tracey Bekter & Andrea McCurdy
Age 4 Year Old
Class size 27
Category Pre-School

Rangeview Pre-School is proud to have created and introduced Bush Kinder into its 4 year old program with the help of the City of Whitehorse and Whitehorse Council’s Parkside Education Program Officers.

Bush Kinder is a series of nature based kindergarten sessions developed in line with the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework and held at Yarran Dheran Nature Reserve. Our Bush Kinder sessions promote and encourage a closer connection with nature, develop a greater sense of community amongst our kinder groups, develop a greater appreciation of our environment and nurture creative and resilient children.

This type of kinder session allows the children to engage with nature and their environment in many different ways and to grow and develop skills. The children gain a greater respect for their natural environment and a connectedness to local surrounds. The children also continue to develop strong relationships amongst their peers and adults within their particular group.

Current research shows that children today are spending much more time indoors, in front of screens and participating in structured activities. Being outdoors and exploring nature helps change these trends as children begin to value and appreciate the joy that nature based activities can provide for an overall sense of well being and positive identity.